As the name says, PCB box build assembly services involve various Printed Circuit Boards to be assembled to connect through cables and wires. Such types of systems generally have lots of electronic components and many other sub-assemblies that are mounted in the assembly. Box build assembly manufacturers create customized box build assembly services. The advantage of it is that it reduces the overall costs and also maintains the quality of the system. 

Jayshree Instruments Private Limited is renowned as one of the best providers of electronic manufacturing services in India. They create secure, safe, and reliable PCB box-build assembly services. These are mostly used in the computer industry, and other industries like aerospace, medical field, telecommunication field, and many other industries. 

What is Box Build Assembly Service?

A PCB box-build assembly service means an integrated system, wherein the process involves the production of PCB or printed circuit boards, an extension of the electromechanical assembly including installation, fabrication, routing of wire harnesses or cables, and installation of components and sub-assemblies. The electronic manufacturing services provider will create a PCBA or a PCB assembly in an enclosed space that is filled with wires and a completely integrated electro-mechanical system with electronics and pneumatics.

Process for Box Build Assembly

The process of Box Build Assembly service includes the following steps:

  • System-Level Design or Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Packaging and Labelling
  • Testing of Product – Box Build Assembly
  • Loading of Software
  • Product Configuration
  • Warehousing and Order Management
  • Post-sales services.

Things to be considered for Box Build Assembly Service

BOM – Bill of materials

Bill of Materials is the most crucial requirement for any EMS or Electronic Manufacturing Services provider to create a box build assembly. With BOM or Bill of Materials, the provider gets an idea of all the main components and other materials that are to be sourced out. Bills of Materials needs to clearly state the requirements including small items such as nuts and bolts, tie wraps, adhesives, washers, heat shrink, and others including identifiers and various other wires. Though smaller items, still does add up to the total cost, hence it is important to pre-define all the requisites to avoid any unforeseen boost in the total cost or any delay in production. 


3D Cad models are preferred to a greater extent as it helps in visualization of the final products. Numerous CAD packages provide free drawing viewers. Most of the providers of Electronic Manufacturing Services in India have CAD packages that can easily convert the drawings to build instructions. For this, a layout diagram is quite necessary to have all the relevant details of the main components.

Sample Unit

A sample unit is quite helpful to the electronic manufacturing company as it provides physical and visual information about the planned product. Sample units are also known as prototype units serve as the main point of reference especially when the CAD drawing is not completed or is lacking some crucial information. 


One of the important information to be shared with the EMS provider is the box build assembly dimensions – the weight and the size of the unit. This detail not only helps the EMS provider to decide how to handle the unit through the entire process, but it also helps to decide on the packaging, storage, transportation, and shipping of the completed product. 


The client should identify the tests that are needed to be performed during the box build assembly testing. Testing cases can be factory acceptance testing, visual inspection, and any other specific functional testing.  Safety is an important parameter for any electronic device. The basic test of electrical systems includes the flash test and the bond test. An experienced provider in Electronic manufacturing services in India will definitely provide expert guidance on the types of tests that should be carried out while creating a box build that can provide a safe electromechanical assembly and also helps to optimize the production time.


Whether your requirement is for a simple or complex box build assembly, providing all the details to your EMS provider at the very beginning will provide you much relief. The process of outsourcing a box build assembly requires a close working relationship between the manufacturer and the customer. Jayshree Instruments Private Limited is one of the leading electronic manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad that have immense knowledge and expertise to provide their clients with customized and authentic PCB assembly.