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All testing that we currently undertake is ‘functionally based’ with specialized test equipment, fixtures or programs designed and built in house or provided by our customers. We also have access to Environmental.

All testing that we presently conduct is “functionally based,” using specialised test tools, fixtures, or software that were either created in-house or supplied by our clients. We can access the environment as well.

A variety of automated test solutions are offered by EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), either as a solo service or as part of a complete product assembly. EMS offers test solutions for PCB Assemblies, assemblies for cables and wires and product testing towards the end.

The Automated Test Solutions include: 

  • In-circuit test, which uses our ATE test devices and our in-house jig manufacture capacity.
  • Functional testing ranges from straightforward “go/no-go” to complete functional testing with thorough test results.
  • Test of cable harness
Automated Test Solutions by Jayshree Instruments

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