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Prototyping as the first step of a long term, trustworthy partnership.
Prototyping at the early stage of your project

Jayshree Instruments provides high-quality internal prototype PCB assembly services so that you may test your product before deciding to invest in its manufacture. Our primary area of competence is offering cutting-edge, dependable electronic manufacturing services. We are aware of how important prototyping services are. We are an electrical contract manufacturer, thus we are familiar with the difficulties faced during the prototype stage. Our goal is to provide you with a complete electronic manufacturing solution and market-ready your product. 


Beyond prototype, we also offer solutions for the whole product lifecycle, mass manufacturing, and new product launch. We provide electronic prototype PCB assembly services geared towards mass production thanks to our considerable knowledge, significantly decreasing time to market and raising the cost competitiveness of your product.

It might be difficult for a printed circuit board assembly firm to produce a high-quality product. The first step to getting your product to market is prototyping. At Jayshree Instruments, we offer internal resources and expertise to assist your pursuit of excellence in design.


Additionally, we provide excellent design skills ranging from PCB design and layout to mechanical design through a qualified preferred network of partners.

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