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Rules to design high-performance PCB products

For every advanced electronic device, the PCB Design should meet the advanced technological requirements. These requirements raised the need for the hardware engineers to learn to design a high-speed PCB design. The highly technical devices are designed with a high-speed PCB making the size of the design smaller and...

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Know all about Types of Electric Cable Assembly

What is an electric cable assembly? An electric cable assembly is a type of cable harness assembly, the cable that connects the electrical cables and wires. The cable assembly helps in connecting and organizing the electrical wires running through it, and keeps the track of the flow of electricity....

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Everything You Need to Know About PCB Assembly

Electronics play an important part in our daily lives. From smartphones to cars, all the devices use electronic components. And the most important part of the electronic device is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A common man can easily recognize printed circuit boards in the devices. The PCBs are...

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How to design a cable assembly?

One of the most complex and important part of an electronic device is the cable assembly. Why are these cables important? The cables help in protecting the wire from any hazardous environmental factors & also directs the electricity to reach the final destination by providing electricity paths. So when...

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Introduction to PCB and its types

What is Printed Circuit Board? Printed Circuit Boardalso known as PCB, is an enclosed board which you can find in many devices like radio, radar, pagers & computers. There are many interconnection of electrical & electronic components in the board. These PCBs are made up of different types of...

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