Established in 2001, Jayshree Instruments provides PCB assembly services which is considered as one of the most challenging aspects of electronic product design. Our mission is to serve the design, engineering and contract manufacturing outcomes as per the customer’s needs. We assure to give life to their choice of products as expected. The process of PCB assembly involves materials of the best quality along with best of technology and precise designing. With PCB circuit board assembly, we also provide other electronic manufacturing services.

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The PCB assembly has numerous steps which includes surface mount technology (SMT) and through hole technology. SMT is a process where the electrical components are mounted on the surface of a PCB. In the SMT PCB assembly process, the printer circuit board consists of the solder paste on the connection pads along with the components, which are then reflowed in a furnace to melt the solder paste. It then forms a connections in the electrical and mechanical components leading to PCB.

In through-hole PCB assembly process, the component leads are used onto the board and the leads are joined via Dip soldering process. A few SMT components can be used on the lower side of the board and can be joined by the wave soldering method.

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Jayshree Instruments is an Ahmedabad based company offering the most authentic and adaptable PCB assembly manufacturer from India. We promise flawless and value for money production of various kinds of complicated and heavy PCB assembly from India.

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    SMT is a process where the electrical components are directly mounted on the surface of a PCB. In the SMT PCB assembly process, the printer circuit board consists of the solder paste on the connection pads along with the components, which are then reflowed in a furnace to melt the solder paste. It then forms a connections in the electrical and mechanical components leading to PCB.


    • Tin Lead or RoHS Compliant
    • High Speed Pick and Place
    • High Volume Production
    • Single and Double Sided SMT assembly
    • Min. pitch 0.25mm placement
    • SMD packages down to 0402
    • Largest component: QFP & BGA to 32 x 32mm
    • Multi-Zone Convection Reflow Ovens
    • Semi-Automatic Screen Printing
    • Max PCB panel size: 1500mm L x 400mm W
    SMT PCB assembly process
    PCB Assembly Services


    Jayshree instruments, one of the best PCB assembly companies in Gujarat offer variety of services and capabilities that add value to the product. The operations of Through Hole PCB Assembly includes the art component prep equipment. The components used in the through hole PCB assembly process are lead free RoHS compliant.


    Our PCB through hole technology capabilities include insertion which offers and outcome of excellent product quality assuring the project is completed with utmost care by our experienced and trusted employees.


    To keep the product quality consistent we follow the first piece process which is overlooked by our highly skilled and experience operators along with the engineering support team who monitor each and every project minutely to ensure the best results to our customers.


    Confromal coating is a coasting done for protection which conforms to the circuit board topology. The coasting protects the electronic circuits from harsh surroundings that may have high humidity, airborne contaminants and changing temperatures. Jayshree Instruments offer specific bulk conformal coating services like sprayings and spray coating with component masking for PCB Assembly and numerous electronic devices.

    PCB Conformal Coating Service

    Other PCB Services

    Jayshree instruments is one of the best PCB manufacturer in India offering PCB assembly services with best of accuracy and quality. Here are some of the other PCB services:


    Jayshree Instruments provide best quality and performance oriented PCB’s, considered the time limit and budget constraints. We assure end to end PCB manufacturing services to numerous industries. Being in this business since a really long time we do understand your requirements related to your industry. And this is why we are a competition to many when it is about delivering the perfect PCB. Our team is ready to create the perfect PCB for any kind of industry be it for medical equipment’s or for command and control systems for military applications. Usually there are no common solutions of different kind of industries and so we provide custom PCB manufacturing services focusing on all complex requirements considering your timeframe, specifications and budget.


    Medical industry requires electronic equipment’s with high level of accuracy and clarity assuring long term usage. PCB manufacturers for medical industry need the best quality and sanitary control. Jayshree instruments is one of the best PCB manufacturer in India offering medical PCB assembly services which can be used efficiently and are safe. To serve the best treatment to the patients it is important to keep the medical equipment’s in the best possible condition. Our team assures technical assistance at reasonable cost.


    Military equipment’s need to be sturdy and accurate enough, as they need to be operated in hostile working spaces. They equipment’s should also be adaptable enough which can be updated based on the upcoming technologies. One of the most integral part of these equipment’s are the PCB’s. Print circuit boards for military equipment’s are created in a way that they can be operated in harsh working situations. We serve such PCB’s in variety of designs, materials and composites to fulfil tough requirements of military and defense systems.


    The requirement of advanced electronic devices is much in demand. PCB assembly services has grown parallel to the rapidly developing demand of consumer electronics. And now numerous electronic devices depend on well-crafted and assembled PCB’s. With the appropriate PCB components, all electronic devices can be operated easily. Our team follows the client requirements while assembling the PCB.


    Mechanical engineering is the oldest engineering disciplines and it is growing and has become advances over all these years. In today’s world it includes automation in product, machining, manufacturing and tooling. Mechanical devices has helped us simplify lives and has enhanced productivity and pace of life. These mechanical devices are utilized in numerous industrial as well as consumer applications. Jayshree Instruments offers a blend of technology and engineering skills to provide the quality products with the requested requirements.

    Why work with us?

    Jayshree Instruments assures optimal PCB services to satisfy your company’s PCB assembly requirements. We do offer different materials from which you can make your choice along with the technology options. We promise start to end solutions satisfying all your requirements. Know more about PCB assembly services we provide including high-quality assembly services.


    With years of experience in the industry of PCB fabrication and assembly, we create high-quality PCB’s which are cost effective and authentic.


    We offer variety of print circuit board like surface mount PCB assembly, through hole PCB assembly, mixed assembly, conformal coating etc.


    Jayshree Instruments serve assembly alternatives with flexible volume options like prototypes, full turnkey PCB assembly, low volume and high volume.


    We are well connected with distributors and manufacturers creating authorized electronic components. So we make sure you get genuine and good quality equipment’s. All these parts go through the best quality inspection.


    For us quality control is very important, and so for visual inspection to AOI and x-ray inspection, the quality and functionality is tested aggressively.


    At reasonable cost you will get the best quality as we have a team of experienced and skilled experts taking care of your minutest requirements.


    Our team of dedicated and qualified engineers are the reason behind all our successful projects. They make sure to keep an eye on optimizing designs, quality and consideration of timeline as well as budget.


    The PCB Assembly has a before and after process which includes certain step. Here we have described the steps of before the assembly process:

    The primary step of PCB Assembly, Is to apply solder paste to the circuit board. The process of doing this is similar to a screen-printing a shirt, but the difference is here instead of a mask, a thin, stainless steel stencil is placed on the PCB. The step assemblers to apply solder paste to certain areas only of the would be PCB. This is the area where the components settle in the actual PCB.


    If it is a professional PCBA line, a mechanical stand holds the PCB and stencil together in place. Then particular amount of solder paste is applied in the intended areas with the use of an applicator. Then the machine continues to spread the paste over the stencil by applying it on the open area, evenly. Once done with the process of this step, the stencil can be removed and the solder paste stays in the intended location.

    After the first step, the PCBA process moves on the pick and place machine where a robotic device puts surface mount components on the ready PCB. Then SMD’s check for the non-connector components on PCB’s. After this the SMD’s or the surface mount components are soldered on the surface of the circuit board in the further process.


    The process can be done manually with a pair of tweezers where the assemblers has to pick and place the components manually. But now, this step is usually executed by an automatic process among the PCB manufacturers. The step moved to an automatic process as machines tend to be more precise and consistent in comparison to the manual process. Also machines can work for numerous hours without facing issues like fatigue, eyestrain etc.

    After the solder paste and surface mount components are together and in place they need to be there, meaning the solder paste needs to solidify holding components to the board. 


    Through the step of “reflow”, PCB assembly can implement this process. After the step of pick and place, the PCB board is moved to the conveyer belt which moves through a reflow oven which is huge and is similar to a commercial pizza oven. The oven includes a series of heaters which heat the board up to 250 degrees Celsius or 480 degrees Fahrenheit which is hot enough to melt the solder in the solder paste. The solder starts melting and continues to move through the oven and then passes through the series of cooler heaters. This allows the melted solder to cool down and form a solid shape in a controlled way.


    This process helps to create a fixed solder joint to keep the SMD’s and PCB connected. Numerous PCBA’s need special consideration during the process of reflow, especially in the case of two-sided PCB Assembly.

    After the reflow process once the surface mount components are soldered in place, the board needs to be tested for its functionality. Sometimes, disturbance during the reflow process leads to poor connection quality or absolute lack of connection. Other side effects of this movement include shorts, as misplaced components can often connect portions of circuit that actually is not supposed to connect. Cross checking such errors and misalignments includes one of several different inspection methods. Some of the common inspection methods include:


    – Manual checks:


    Apart from the upcoming latest trends of automated and smart manufacturing, self and manual checks are still trusted in PCB Assembly process. For smaller lots, an in-person analyzing by an experienced designer is an effective method to inspect the quality of a PCB post the reflow steps. Although, this process tends to become increasingly impractical and uncertain as the figure of inspected boards increases. Looking at such nominal components for more than an hour may lead to optical fatigue which leads to less accurate inspections.

    As per the type of board under PCBA, the board may include different kinds of components apart from the common SMD’s. This may include plated through-hole components or plated through-hole components. PTH is a hole in the PCB which is plated through the board.


    The PCB components use these holes to pass a signal from one side of the board to the other. And so in such cases, soldering paste would not be beneficial as the paste will run straight through the hole without a chance to adhere. In replacement of soldering paste, PTH components require a more specialized and advances soldering method in the further process of PCB assembly like manual soldering and wave soldering.


    After the completion of this step the PCB can move forward to the final inspection or can repeat the previous steps if additional parts are to be added.

    Once the soldering step of PCBA process is completed, a final inspection tasks place to check the PCB’s functionality. This inspection is also known as the ‘functional test’.


    In this test the PCB goes through its paces, repeating the normal circumstances where the PCB’s will operate. Power and simulated signals run through the PCB’s in this inspection. And the tester’s monitor the PCB’s electrical characteristics.

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