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Our team is consist of skilled engineers who are capable of handling high levels responsibility which gives us an edge to deliver best quality PCB Assembly and Custom Cable Assembly products to our clients.

Electronic Manufacturing Products At Affordable Prices

Jayshree Instruments is considered as one of the best PCB Assembly manufacturing company in Gujarat and it offer variety of electronic manufacturing products at reasonable prices created with advanced technology along with quality assurance.

PCB Assembly and Cable Assembly Quality Assurance

Without compromising the quality of PCB Assembly and Wire Harness Assembly, we stayed ahead of the competitors by assuring quality in our electronics manufacturing products, engineering and production.

Jayshree Instruments – The Most Dependable Name In Indian Electronics Market

When you have to pick the most dependable electronics manufacturer in India, you can get befuddled with the plenty of choices available in today’s competitive market. However, time and again, Jayshree Instruments has stood the test of time and emerged to be your first choice for all of your electronic manufacturing needs. To be one of the most reputed ems companies in India and sustain as the leader in this sector takes airtight commitment and efficiency – both of which we have always been inclined to.

With over 20 years of expertise, we have distinguished ourselves as a highly reputed electronics products manufacturer in India, providing outstanding services to both multinational corporations (MNCs) and Indian businesses.

At Jayshree Instruments, we make your imaginative concepts a reality. We value long lasting connections, creative solutions, and happy customers. To bring your innovations to life and create the products of the future, our committed team of professionals uses cutting-edge technology and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. We provide comprehensive services catered to your specific needs, ranging from PCB and cable assembly production to design engineering, testing, prototype builds, and international procurement.

Quality is paramount in all our works. Through continuous audits, real-time data collection, and problem-solving techniques like the Eight Disciplines (8Ds), our ISO 9001 accredited facility ensures exacting quality control. We take pride in exceeding the high standards set by our clients, giving you peace of mind and trust in our services.

At Jayshree Instruments, we are extremely proud to be one of the leading EMS manufacturers in India. We are based in Ahmedabad; so for any needs in electronics items, you know where to reach out to.

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Our Electronics Manufacturing services

Established in 2001, Jayshree Instruments provides PCB assembly services which is considered as one of the most…

We are providing cable harness assembly and wire harness manufacturing services to various industries for all applications….

Jayshree Instruments materials management team does more than just buy the components. They’re responsible for the seamless…

Electronic Manufacturing Services provider, expert in Box Build solutions Our build-to-order and configure-to-order services assemble a product…

Prototyping as the first step of a long term, trustworthy partnership. Protyping at the early stage of…

All testing that we currently undertake is ‘functionally based’ with specialized test equipment, fixtures or programs designed…

Our Core Values


We are quality manufacturer

Establish in 2001 Jayshree Instruments has provided superior design and production services supported by high level of technical support and outstanding customer service. Our customers know that they can count on us for quality products and best services unmatched in our industry.

When we started we had a vision of a different kind of company; one that truly cares about its customers and operates on principles of customer delight.


We are quality manufacturer

Our vision at Jayshree Instruments is to bringing your products to life and building the products of tomorrow. Doing so, we aim at being recognized as the best Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner by our customers.


We are quality manufacturer

At Jayshree Instruments, we want to provide design, engineering and contract manufacturing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, ultimately increasing their competitiveness and bringing their products to life as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose Us

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We’re one of India’s professional PCB fabrication and assembly service suppliers serving worldwide experts, engineers and manufacturers since our establishment in 2001. With over a decade’s experience in development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of custom printed circuit boards, we’re now capable to provide a full range of services, from rapid PCB prototyping, circuit boards manufacturing, PCB assembly to components sourcing services, all with guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.

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I and my team would like to thank you for your outstanding service and excellent quality. I got my first PCB from you which looked great. When I had queries, your staff was polite in answering and was in touch with me on regular basis regarding my needs before purchasing the boards. When I got the boards they looked clean and well manufactured. I just want to thank you for your high-quality service and products and I will certainly share details about your company with my contacts.

GT Midwest

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For several years, we have had a great business partnership with Jayshree Instruments and are extremely pleased with the quality of the products they manufacture for us. The PCB and cables we ordered were fine, and they all worked well. They have proven to be a valuable partner and we are very impressed by their technical team, who are very professional and supportive. Jayshree Instruments is a proactive and attentive partner who is dedicated to providing dates and delivering them entirely on time. We highly recommend this company for collaboration as a fantastic business partner.

Epic Energy Ltd

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One of the few firms that can do both mechanical and electronic design work and manufacture the finished product is Jayshree Instruments. They will finish off the design from basic necessity to circuit design and come back with a validated product ready to use. What we admire the most about Jayshree Instruments is this capacity to do both design and development. They're both very welcoming and nice individuals to work with.


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